Training Available to Your Company:

Énergie Ressources Humaines offers you a complete range of training tools tailored to your organization’s reality, facilitating coherent and cohesive decision-making at the management level. Whatever the size of your firm, we develop organizational structures to help you achieve your growth goals.
Take advantage of our flexible “à la carte” services designed to meet your needs. Our expertise spans all sectors of the organization.

  • Policies and procedures
  • Employee handbook
  • Collective agreements
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Organizational change management
  • Organizational communications management
  • Coordinating and leading an effective committee
  • Disciplinary management
  • Conflict management
  • Organizational mobilization
  • Civility in the workplace
  • Staff performance assessment
  • Recognition
  • Mobilizing leadership
  • Individual development plan
  • Global skills development program
  • Performance indicators
  • Succession planning
  • Work attendance management
  • Health, safety and workplace accidents management
  • Marijuana, alcohol and drugs
  • Duty to accommodate
  • Harassment and workplace violence
  • Intervention in crisis situations
  • Customized training session

Management Support

Managers are your conductors, whether you are in a large organization or you are leading a small-medium enterprise (SME). It's a complex role, both arduous and rewarding, that requires multiple talents. A good manager must know how to motivate his team, retain the most talented workers and ensure the achievement of organizational objectives.

A company stands out in its field when it offers management support to enable its conductors to successfully fulfill their duties. The goal is to ensure skills transfer and knowledge sharing between an experienced professional and a manager in training.

The Certified Human Resources Professionals (CHRP) professional order clearly defines the reality of management: "Managers undertake with courage and commitment the responsibility to supervise and accompany employees under their supervision. They are responsible for their success and for maintaining an appropriate workplace environment, based on a predetermined organizational model and advantageous salary scale.”
In addition, Goleman (1999) states that: “Emotional intelligence denotes our capacity to recognize our own feelings and those of others, to motivate ourselves and to properly manage our emotions within ourselves and within our relationships with others.”

Énergie Ressources Humaines offers a complete range of development tools for your managers, adapted to their development needs.

Regardless of the size of your organization, we support your managers to set them on the path to success. Take advantage of our flexible “à la carte” services designed to meet your needs.

  • Management coaching
  • Strategic planning retreat (Lac à l’épaule)
  • Strategic human resources management
  • Mobilization and alignment with objectives
  • Team building
  • Coaching in-house trainers
  • Management indicators
  • Time and priority management
  • Team or individual coaching
  • Setting-up an HR position
  • Manager roles and responsibilities
  • Prevention planning
  • Participatory occupational health and safety (OHS) practices
  • Integrated training management
  • Improving communications
  • Preparing for organizational change