Labour Relations

Companies that stand out for their high growth in a competitive market usually have a philosophy of promoting and maintaining good workplace relations with their employees and their representatives. Therefore lack of good labour relations may well create conflict situations, which will sooner or later generate significant costs and a negative impact on attendance, performance and productivity.

Putting forward best practices, Énergie Ressources Humaines offers you adapted and innovative solutions to achieve your highest goals, with sound management of your collective labour relations. Our expertise in unionized and non-unionized environments, both in the public, parapublic and private sectors, from the large enterprise to the SME, will allow you to make a significant progress in your organization.


Whether it is an individual or a collective labour relation, every employer is subject to a contract of employment binding it to its employees. This agreement determines the rights and obligations of each party. Our labour relations specialists and members of the professional order (CHRP, CIRC) will assist you in your negotiation of collective agreements or individual work contracts. Considering the importance and duration of a collective agreement or a contract and its impact on subsequent years, it is prudent for an employer to use specialists in this area.

  • Collective agreements (unionized organizations)
  • Employee handbook (non-unionized organizations)
  • Negotiation of grievances or disputes
  • Disagreements


More and more, employers are using mediation to settle disputes between parties. Énergie Ressources Humaines has experts at your disposal able to intervene so that the parties involved reach a “win-win” agreement. Our approach, sensitive to both employer and staff reputation, delivers sustainable solutions conducive to restoring the work environment. Services are offered for stalemates in the negotiation of collective agreements, as well as for negotiating the settlement of grievances and other disagreements between parties.


Labour laws are an integral part of our industrial relations specialists’ academic training. They will coach you, advise you, help you better understand your obligations and know your recourse in a variety of labour relations-related laws such as:

  • Act respecting labour standards
  • Labour Code
  • Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases
  • Act respecting occupational health and safety